Friday, November 27, 2009

NaBloPoMo # 27: Going to be away for the weekend. And a little cry for help...

I am going away for the weekend, so I am not going to be able to join the Thankfully Reading read-a-thon. I am a bit miffed by that, but on the other hand I am going to visit family and I am sure it is going to be much fun and cosy as well. So I'll probably only be around to post the NaBloPoMo-posts and maybe visit some blogs.

As some of you will have noticed, I am reading John Marsdens Tomorrow-series. This series consists of seven books in total, I've read the first four. Since they are not that readily available from Danish libraries, I have bought them one at a time. Which I do not mind at all, because I am going to force people I know to read them after I have finished the series myself, and then they can borrow my copies. Last night I decided to buy the last three books so that I was sure that I had them all for the Seriespalooza in December. So off to to spend some money. And to my horror I discover that Book Six - The Night is for Hunting - is unavailable!!! Okay, it is not exactly unavailable, but I can only get it used. Which neither is a problem at all - if it wasn't for the price which is high! Much higher than what I want to spend on a used book.

So I try The Book Depository. I check eBay. I even check a Danish online bookseller. Same result. I can get it used, but the price is very high. Why on earth is it this particular book in the series which is apparently sold out and not re-published? So I am asking you: Where should I look for it? Do you have any online places where you know you can get anything you want? Because I need this book :-D HELP...

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Vivienne said...

Have you tried any of the book swap sites?

farmlanebooks said...

The first place I always look for rare books is:

I found a few copies of the book you're after:

The cheapest was:

I hope that helps!

Beth F said...

If you can do audio books in English, I saw this notice on Twitter:

Thank you for following us! Here's a free trial to Audible, which gives you 1 FREE audiobook! Tune in for new specials.

They have the unabridged book. You could get it for free maybe. I use Audible and I know they are a reliable and legitimate company.

mimbles said...

I'd go out and buy you a copy from my local bookshop but book prices in Australia are outrageous so that's not going to help with the cost. If no other leads turn up let me know and I'll see if I can track down a second hand copy here.

Louise said...

Wow. You are all so dang kind!!! I'm overhvelmed. I am on my way out the door but will check out your suggestions and also return with personal replies later this weekend. Just wanted to say thanks. Heartfelt thanks!

heidenkind said...

Argh! I hate it when that happens!

I don't if your library has this feature, but at my library I'm able to order books from any library in the world and borrow them through my local library. You could see if you get it there.

Michelle said...

I had the same problem! It's awful isn't it?

I finally downloaded it from Audible. I'll listen to it when the time comes. I'm wondering why it is that book six is so popular. Something really big must happen! haha

Good luck finding it.