Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Salon November 9, 2008: Trying to Study

This week I have mostly been reading books for the MA thesis I am trying to finish as soon as possible. I am trying to obtain my MA in Egyptology and the thesis is about "The Mysterious Fayum Portraits. I use a long list of publications, both scholarly and not so scholarly like museum catalogues and popular books, which often have better images.
The portraits in question are (mainly) from the place in Egypt called Fayum, which is an oasis (well, actually it is not a true oasis, as it gets water from the Bahr Yusuf canal, which is one of the side-arms of the Nile) southwest of Cairo. The portraits are from the Roman Period in the history of Ancient Egypt (circa 30 BCE - 400 AD), and I am captivated by the artistry and the look of some of those people portrayed. I have borrowed some images from Lenka, whom I know from flickr:

Some of the books I have used/read in this week are:
1. Egypt from Alexander to the Copts by Roger S. Bagnall and Dominic W. Rathbone (eds.)
3. The Mysterious Fayum Portraits by Euphrosyne Doxiadis
4. Ancient Faces by Susan Walker (ed.)

The front-covers of two of the books I've been reading this week.
I am still reading The Blood Spilt by Swedish author Asa Larsson. It has taken me forever and I still have about 100 pages left. It is not because it is a bad book, because it certainly isn't. Its good and it was awarded Sweden's best crime novel in 2004. But honestly it cannot grab me for real and I only manage about 5-10 pages each night before I go to sleep. But I have other books waiting to be read, so I will finish it asap. Check out my other post about the author Asa Larsson and her series about counselor Rebecka Martinsson.

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