Thursday, November 13, 2008

National Blog Posting Month # 13: Sunstorm by Asa Larsson

Actually, I first read # 3 in the Swedish series by Asa Larsson about counselor Rebecka Martinsson. And after having read that, # 3 which is called The Black Path, I wasn't so sure that I would read the two previous ones. I did like The Black Path, but I also found it a bit too dark, and at that point I had had it with Swedish female authors and needed a break. But now I have also finished Sunstorm, which is book # 1, and it wasn't too bad. Not at all. Asa Larsson is a very good writer, the plot is tight and the characters descriptions are excellent. You feel sympathy with the good guys and the complete opposite for the bad guys.
In Sunstorm, Rebecka, who works as a top counselor in Stockholm, is called to Kiruna, her childhood town. Rebecka has some very dark memories from her youth, so she is not too thrilled by the thought of going back to Kiruna. The charismatic priest in one of the popular churches in Kiruna has been killed and his sister, who used to be one of Rebecka's friends, calls Rebecka and asks for help. The sister is under suspicion for having killed her brother and she has to go hiding. She hides out in Rebecka's house - a house Rebecka inherited from her grandmother. The house where Rebecka herself grew up.
The Kiruna police, led by sympathetic and pregnant Anna-Maria Mella, are looking into the case and in the beginning, everything seems to lead directly to the sister, Rebecka's old friend.
Reluctant, Rebecka starts investigating and finds herself also taking care of her friend's two daughters and dog, while she is also haunted by memories from her youth. Memories about how the popular church meant everything to her. But it is definitely not just sweet memories and while the winter darkness descends over Kiruna and the case of the killed priest become more and more complicated, Rebecka's own soul turns darker and darker.
Yep. I was slightly annoyed with the dark atmosphere. But it was nevertheless a pretty good read, and I am looking forward to see the movie based on this book.
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Beth F said...

Nice review. I'll have to add this to my wish list.

Stop by my blog, I have an award for you!

Louise said...

Thanks Beth, I'll head your way to check it out ;o)