Sunday, October 26, 2008

Danish and Scandinavian books

I made a short post yesterday about not going to review all the Danish and/or Scandinavian books I read in between my reads in English. But it appears as some of those reads are actually found in English translations, so I am definitely reconsindering and will probably post some reviews the next couple of days for some of those books.

My current read these days is a book called The Blood Spilt by Swedish author Aasa (Åsa) Larsson. Her books has female counsellor Rebecka Martinsson as the main character and while I wasn't terribly fond of the first one I read called Black Path (which was no. 3 in a series of 3 at that time) I decided to give this author another chance and picked up no. 1, Sun Storm, this summer, finished it and am now reading no. 2, which is The Blood Spilt mentioned above. In Danish, the titles are very good, but I think they sound even more poetic in English. There is nothing poetic about the books though, they are rather dark. They take place mainly in Kiruna, a northern Swedish city close to the polar circle. I have never been there, but it looks like an intriguing place.

The photo on top of the page of the pretty house in Kiruna is taken from the photostream of the user Köttbullekvist on flickr.

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