Saturday, November 08, 2008

National Blog Posting Month # 8: Countdown to Copenhagen Book Convention

In the week to come Copenhagen has a lot to offer those of us loving books. Yesterday the book celebration "Copenhagen Reads" was opened with 100 librarians handing out free books in the Copenhagen Metro. All week there are dozens of different book related happenings and arrangements.
COPENHAGEN READS is an annual, 7-day celebration of literature with events and readings taking place all over Copenhagen: in caf├ęs, bookshops, museums, shopping centres and libraries.
The programme is varied and includes interviews, readings, theater performances, discussions, children's concerts, city walks, etc.

The whole Copenhagen Reads Week has it's climax at the annual Copenhagen Book Convention (sorry about the link being in Danish, there was no English site) which is running on it's 14th or 15th year now. It has definitely grown since the beginning back in the early 1990's and is a fun - and a bit tiring - event to visit. And usually there are loads and loads of books on special sale. I just received to free passes to the event, so I am definitely going. The convention is visited by a lot of authors, but mostly from Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries. I am looking forward to go there and blog about it afterwards. Lots of Danish bookbloggers go there, so the net will be filled with posts from this event, which is a huge thing in literary Denmark and which attracts all sorts of readers.
This is my 8th NaBloPoMo post. See my page here.

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