Monday, November 10, 2008

The Blood Spilt by Aasa Larsson

I finally finished number two book, The Blood Spilt, in the series by Aasa Larsson about counsellor Rebecka Martinsson. It feels like I have been reading it forever. And it shouldn't have been so because it is both well written and entertaining. But it was just like it didn't really grab me from the beginning. But now I am done!

Rebecka is still licking her wounds from the things that happened in book one, Sunstorm. She is not really working yet, but sometimes she is helping out with a case or two.

When she and a colleague has to go to Kiruna, her childhood city where Sunstorm also took place, because of a case, Rebecka ends up staying for a while, even though her feelings are very mixed about Kiruna.

Policewoman Anna-Maria Mella and the other cops from the police station in Kiruna are working on the beastly murder of the female priest Mildred, and much to her annoyance, Rebecka is drawn into the case.

Because nothing is as it seems, up there to the utmost north, close to the Polar Circle. Beneath the surface it is boiling with evil, craziness, hidden desires and repressed memories.

The reader is introduced to a lot of characters, and the character building is eminent. Both the descriptions of the good and the bad guys. And in between chapters about the case, a lone female wolf acts as a main character. What the wolf precisely is about I don't know. I have some thoughts about it, but revealing those thoughts here will mean revealing too much of the plot.

Which is well written and exciting.

But I am still glad I do not have more Aasa Larsson books on the TBR-pile right now.

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