Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon Seventh Hour

Seventh Hour of this magnificent Read-a-Ton was short for me. I had dinner and got a late start on a new round of cheerleading. The eighth hour beginning NOW will perhaps also be a bit short, since I am thinking of taking a TV break. But we'll see. I have signed up for at least 12 hours of cheerleading, and am determined to keep that!


Nan said...

Thanks so much for cheering on the readers! I hope you get a chance to finish The Giver tonight. I've just read another 46 pages of it!

Crystal Posey said...

Thanks for stopping by! Its going well, except for this 8th hr I did a minichallenge and visited other read-a-thoner's blogs.

sassymonkey said...

I was going to do a tv break but then I decided there was nothing on that I wanted to watch. I'm taking an internet break instead. :)