Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poll results

As part of the Blog Improvement Project, I made a little poll. My question was: Do you like Paul Auster's books?

One person replied they really liked his works
Two persons replied they liked some of his works

And a staggering 14 persons replied Paul who?

Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness suggested that I made a post about Paul Auster since so many don't know him, and that is something I plan to do very soon. He is one of my favorite authors and an important one at that as well, and while I certainly agree that he is not for all, I still think he has written a couple of works which, in time, will be considered modern classics. Anyway, more about that later!

Thanks for joining my little experiment. I will definitely make more polls. Its fun.

The image is from flickr, taken by Jef Aérosol and the title is "Paul Auster".


Michelle said...

14 people said Paul who?! Wow.

Louise said...

Yeah, I know Michelle ;-) I am going to write that post about him as soon as I find the time to do it...