Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blog Improvement Project 3.2: A short post

Speed-Lit? According to politiken.dk (website of large, Danish daily paper) a library in the city of Odense (larger city in Denmark) will be hosting a speed-lit party on February 26.

Speed-lit is a variation over the well-known concept of speed-dating where you need to impress the other person in a few minutes. Speed-lit is the same, but here you bring a book with you and if the person you speed-date likes you, then the ground has been laid for something more. If not, perhaps they like the book you brought, so if nothing else, speed-lit may be a place to go for book recommendations?!

I'm not single, so I am not going to try it (and Odense is too far away), but the article says that the concept of dating and literature has been a succes in Australia and Belgium. And why not? I think it is a good idea, but apart from the book, its not much different from "regular" speed dating, is it?


This is the second post in the Blog Improvement Project which will run for the next 14 days. Image is by photographer Ragnar Schmuck and is from politiken.dk's website.


Dorte H said...

Hmm. Knowing that you like the same books might not be the worst basis for a relationship. Much more important than looks ´in my book´:)

Beth F said...

Dorte has a point!

Still, I've never understood the concept of speed dating...

Bogsider said...

Yeah, you are both on to something :-) And I never understood the concept of speed dating either ;o)

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

Honestly, I would love it if a guy tried to seduce me with books. Keep the flowers, the jewelry, the cute stuffed animal -- give me a book. A book that meant something to you. A book that will help me understand who you are.

The best Valentine's Day I ever had was not the day I got three flower arrangements in one day (I ran out of space after the second and was picking up dead flower petals for WEEKS afterward) but it was a $15 boxed set of the first three Princess Diaries books. Why? The guy who gave me the flowers ignored the fact that I prefer live plants to cut flowers, but the guy who got me the books was actually listening to me a few weeks prior to the holiday when I rattled off an endless list of books I wanted to read. (If he'd paid such careful attention to other facets of our relationship, I have no doubt that we would still be together.)

Bogsider said...

Great story, Bookish Ruth, and I was just about to ask if you and the book-giving guy were still together ;o)