Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Improvement Project # 3. Wrap Up.

I managed to do 4 post out of 10 for this round of BIP. I can't say that I am satisfied and normally I would have put more work into it that I feel I have done. This round of BIP just fell at the same time where I have had little time to be online. To add to that, I have been in a real-life-is-taking-over rut and really haven't felt inspired, despite feeling inspired initially by Kim's original post about this round.

I guess that it how it goes sometime and I don't plan on dwelling on it too much.

Generally I am feeling very inspired by the whole project, so if I do not manage to fulfill a couple of rounds, I guess that is not something I should worry about at all.

Anyway, here are the links to the posts I made for Round 3 of the BIP:

Thanks Kim for giving this a lot of thought, for being an inspiration and for taking the time to put together the different "tasks".


Dorte H said...

Well, why should we do it if not for fun?
The day my blog begins to feel like tedious work, I hope I am old and wise enough to say stop :)

I enjoyed the bingo a lot, but even though I did them all, I do have second thoughts because I had some posts which were not really crime-related. Again, it hardly matters to anyone else, and I get a lot of nice comments when I post something beautiful or humorous, - so it is probably just that I want to live up to my own ideals.

Has someone written a manual on blog ethics, or will I have to find all the answers myself ???

NB: I am looking forward to you Paul Auster post. And as a teacher, I am certainly going to read more of his books - but not as a crime fiction reader ;)

Beth F said...

I didn't finish them either. And I'm with Dorte. When blogging becomes work, I probably won't do it. It was fun to try to do the Bingo posts because it stretched my boundaries. But in the end I'm really about reviews and book memes!

farmlanebooks said...

There's nothing wrong with real life taking over - in fact I think it's a good thing!

grayskyeyes said...

Don't worry about it -- blogging is supposed to be fun, not a chore, and sometimes real life gets in the way. I only got to 8 of 10, and I think I had to stretch a little bit to count them :)

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

Louise said...

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your comments.

And yes, it should be fun to blog and it is! Just sometimes there are not enough hours.... ;o)