Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still brainstorming

I am actually still brainstorming about new ideas and features for this blog. Snooping around other's blogs has also been fruitful. There are so many good ideas already out there. As I am an Egyptologist, I did toy with the idea of an "Egyptology Thursday" or something along that line. But I already have two Egyptology-blogs (both are in Danish). One in which I haven't made any posts yet and one I have with a colleague. So I don't know. I do like the idea though and it would be easy to tie it to books (fiction and non-fiction).

I also would like to post more of my own photos, but there is already Wordless Wednesday, which I could easily join. To keep it book-related I could take my own photos of bookish places, libraries, author's homes, literary places etc. I did see something like that in one of the other blogs in the Blog Improvement Project, so this it not really my own idea.

I was also toying with a "Pet Peeve Monday" related to books and literature and not pet peeves of the "I can't stand people who......" kind.

The image above is from the flickr-user Susan & her 5 D. The image is called Brainstorming.


Dorte H said...

Don´t know what exactly you have in mind with your "Egyptology Thursday", but if it aims at true beginners, I think it could be a great idea :)

Beth F said...

The Egypt thing sounds interesting to me too. Lots of good bookish tie-ins.

The pet-peeve thing might work too -- it'd be cool if you could get your idea across in literary quotes. But that'd probably be a lot of work.

Whatever you do, I'll be watching!

Louise said...

Thanks both of you - I will keep brainstorming :o) I have a few days off and am not at my own computer, so I can spend the next day brainstorming, as I cannot be that much online ;o)

Anonymous said...

LOLOL! Love the photo. :)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

How about An Egyptologist's Pet Peeve Picture Feature? I'd drop by for that.

Louise said...

J.Kaye - unfortunately, I it not my own photo, but one I have borrowed from But it is rather cool, I think.

Julia - well, why not ;o) You could be onto something. Definitely enough Egyptology Pet Peeves! But how to mix it with literature.... ;o)

Cathy said...

If you put your own spin on someone else's idea, then go with it! I like the sound of bookish places, and the pet peeve idea as well.