Monday, January 26, 2009

Interesting article about Scandinavian crime fiction

I found this link at Bird Brain(ed) Book Blog and wanted to post it here as well. I know that there are some of you English-speaking bloggers out there who actually read more Scandinavian crime fiction than myself (among the authors who seem very popular but whom I never read is Jo Nesbo), but I am rather thrilled that Scandinavian thrillers are beginning to seem like flavour of the year ;o)


Strumpet said...

Thanks for posting the link!

One author that I think is worthy of being on the list is the Bergen (Norway) crime writer Gunnar Staalesen. His novels about the slightly off-key detective Varg Veum are hugely popular in Norway, and I know they are translated into English.

Dorte H said...

Obviously I also think it is a good link :)
The other day I told a Danish collegue about this Scandinavian craze in Britain, and he enjoyed hearing that they are as impressed by ´our´ writers as we are by theirs.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Thanks for the link - really enjoyed the article. One possible reason for Scandinavian writers creating alcoholic detectives? Well-balanced, happy detectives aren't as interesting to read about. The angst-ridden ones come ready-made with conflict oozing out of their miserable pores.