Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly Geek #22

I have just joined Weekly Geek which is a sort of an assignment posted each week by Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf. The assignments are different from week to week and I look forward to participate a lot :-)
This week the assignment is about digging into other Weekly Geek-participant's blog-archives and find interesting bits there.

First I had a look into Suey's blog called It's All About Books and went to her 2007 posts. I found many interesting posts there, but decided to mention this post from Thursday, December 13, 2007. I like it because it is about Shelfari and other types of online catalogues/shelves where you can list all your books, make TBR-lists and much more. I have enjoyed Shelfari for more than a year and have more than 400 books listed there. I am also on Library Thing, which was actually my first try with an online catalogue, but forgot my login after not having updated it for ages. Now I am currently trying to import my Shelfari-books to GoodReads, because I think their widget will look better on my blog than the Shelfari one, which I am not too fond of. I mean, I really like all the options you have on Shelfari and the look of my shelves on their homepage. I just don't think the widget looks cool on my blog ;-) But I do not have the patience to start all over logging books into GoodReads. If you want to find me on Shelfari, my name there is LouiseA.

Callista at SMS Book Reviews recently (Saturday, October 04, 2008) wrote post about banned books. Living in Denmark, we really have no such thing as banned books, although there are books which certain groups does not want their kids to read and there are schools refusing to have certain books in the libraries etc. But it is not a big thing here. Not that I know of at least. There was some debate about Harry Potter some years back, but that seems to have been forgotten now. I have seen banned books lists before, and I always wonder why this or that book was banned. Not saying that I have read each and every book on the banned books lists, not at all, but I have read some. And wondered.

I've only known the Sophisticated Dorkiness blog for a few days and I am already a fan. The blog is maintained by Kim, and she had an interesting post July 2, 2008, about a New Classics List made by Entertainment Weekly. I have read 8 from a list of 100! And I have to say that some of those titles on the list surprised me. Not that they were not good or at least readable books, but New Classics...?! Hrrmpphh.

I also had a look at Megan's blog Leafing Through Life to see what she had said about this Weekly Geek and I checked out Jackie at Literary Escapism. Jackie seems to like at least one author I have also enjoyed: Laurell K. Hamilton, and I look forward to check out Jackie's reviews.


Callista said...

Thanks for featuring me!

Bogsider said...

You're welcome, it was an interesting post and interesting to go exploring in other's blogs :o)

Jaxon said...

If you like LKH, then I have a huge list of authors you might like.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bogsider said...

Thanks jaxon, I already snooped around some of your posts and links and lists and there are TOO MANY THINGS OUT THERE ;o) I have read most of the LKH Anita Blake books plus two Merry Gentry books and a number of other fantasy books over the years. At one point I got real tired of all the erotica, but now I think I am soon ready to begin reading those types of books again.