Friday, June 19, 2009

Bloggiesta! Update # 2.

I did know it before Bloggiesta. But let me say it again: What a lot of great blogs out there. What an amazing amount of posts to read, comment on and think about. And how great it is to travel around the blogospehere to meet new bloggers. I have just completed the Bloggiesta mini-challenge hosted by Fizzy Thoughts, and while it took me longer than I had anticipated, I am glad I did finish it, because I have just found ten amazing and new-to-me blogs, which I am looking very much forward to visit again very soon. So I have put them all on my blogroll and hope that I can keep up to date. You should visit those blogs yourself if you don't know them already - I did see many well known bloggers on my little tour, so chances are that it is just me who has been absent, ignorant or something. Here is the list of great new-to-me blogs, and they are in no particular order:

(One hour and a half spent on this challenge, total spent Bloggiestaing: 3 hours)


Dorte H said...

It is so good to see you in full swing again - there is so much to catch up with on your blog again :)

My writing course finishes this week, and I plan to do more about my blog again, but hardly as much as I did in the spring. I have beeen reminded that I really want to write fiction and there is only one way of achieving the goal: doing it.

Rebecca Reid said...

I'm finding the same thing! So many awesome blogs out there.

I think I'd found your Danish blog before but not that one. I couldn't really comment on the other one because I don't understand Danish! I'm glad I found this one.

Beth F said...

About half of those are new to me too. I'll be checking them out!

Lexie said...

Thank you Louise :D I hope we can share some great reviews together!

and Bloggiesta is opening my eyes up to lots of new blogs too!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I'm finding that the bloggiesta is also bringing out a lot of bloggers that I didn't know about. There are just SO many of us!

Susan Whelan said...

I'm really enjoying finding some great new blogs as well as following some more book bloggers on Twitter.

The Bloggiesta really has created a book blog party atmosphere I think. It's been great to mingle and meet a few of the other guests at the party. :-)