Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Books

I am back home from my Christmas vacation and have been unpacking, checking mails, blogs and so on. As nice as it is to be away, it is also nice to be back home and put all the new things in their right place. I got wonderful gifts and was also lucky enough to receive three books for Christmas:

The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman

Kitchen Heaven by Gordon Ramsay

Fast Food by Gordon Ramsay

I began reading Maus on the evening of the 24th and finished it last night. Will reveiew it later. And I have been leafing through the Gordon Ramsay books and am looking much forward to cook some of the wonderful recipes I have already seen in those books.

Did you get any books for Christmas?


Beth F said...

The Ramsay books look interesting. Do report when you've had a chance to go through them.

Mim said...

I got a David Tennant biography from one of the kids (heavily hinted at by me) which is so far not that great and The Big Book of Beautiful Beads from my brother which is nice but a bit redundant.

I gave hubby Oliver Sacks Musicophillia and a few of the New Scientist Last Word books but I suppose I should wait till he's read them before stealing them.

People don't tend to buy me books, it's way too hard what with me working in a bookshop and almost always picking up anything I want as soon as it comes out.

Bernadette said...

No books for me this year although I did get two gift cards that can be used for books. With one I already bought THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE which is the second book in a Swedish trilogy by Stieg Larsson. It's only just been published in English and I loved the first book so I'm quite looking forward to reading it. I have a few others I have to finish first though.

Let us know what you cook from the Gordon Ramsay books.

Bogsider said...

Mim, sounds like you didn't really got THE book this year - hopefully you'll be able to pick some up yourself :-)

Bogsider said...

Bernadette, I am sooo curious to hear what you think of the second Millenium Trilogu book. I read them all (three) and loved them. I do have my favorite though, so it will be fun to hear what you think.

I also LOVED the first one, it kept me reading and reading and reading once I got past the first 30-50 pages where I wasn't sure which way it all would lead.

Bogsider said...

Beth, I sure will note when I have had a chance to read/cook from the Ramsay books :-)