Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Books for Christmas

This year I have bought quite a lot of books as gifts for Christmas. Not all the books are gifts from myself. I also help out my parents with their gifts. Hopefully none of the people who will receive those books will read here. At least not until after Christmas ;o)

For my mother's two god-sons (they are 20 and 23) I bought:

Nordkraft by Jacob Ejersbo. That is Danish modern classic and bestseller and it has not been translated into English. Some years ago it was turned into a movie, which is one of the best movies made in my opinion. Very strong. The author passed away a this summer at the age of 40. The image of Jacob Ejersbo is from the Danish Facebook group made in his honor after his death.
For my brother I got a book by the German historian Joachim C. Fest. He writes about Nazi Germany. I got the book in Danish, much of his work is translated into English though.

My brother is also getting the two volume work about one of Denmark's most notorious criminal gangs, who operated in the mid 1980'es. They were called Blekingegade Banden (The Blekinge Street Gang) and one of the reasons they have become so (in)famous is that they killed a young police officer during a robbery and while they were caught, no one in the gang has ever admitted who it was who actually killed the young policeman. There were a lot of politics involved in their case as well and the books about this gang are huge bestsellers here in Denmark. The volumes are written by Danish author Peter Oevig Knudsen.

My sister is getting yet another Danish book called Submarino written by the Danish author Jonas T. Bengtsson. That book, which I haven't read myself, is about two brothers and their not so fantastic lives. It is supposed to be rather tough reading.

Well, that was a little about the books I bought as gifts. Did you buy any?

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